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#include <string.h>
#include "defs.h"
 * lookup_abbrev() is used for TX macros - is that
 * something SUN-specific?

char *abbrev_list[] = {
    "GSBG", "Getting Started ",
    "SUBG", "Customizing SunOS",
    "SHBG", "Basic Troubleshooting",
    "SVBG", "SunView User's Guide",
    "MMBG", "Mail and Messages",
    "DMBG", "Doing More with SunOS",
    "UNBG", "Using the Network",
    "GDBG", "Games, Demos &amp; Other Pursuits",
    "CHANGE", "SunOS 4.1 Release Manual",
    "INSTALL", "Installing SunOS 4.1",
    "ADMIN", "System and Network Administration",
    "SECUR", "Security Features Guide",
    "PROM", "PROM User's Manual",
    "DIAG", "Sun System Diagnostics",
    "SUNDIAG", "Sundiag User's Guide",
    "MANPAGES", "SunOS Reference Manual",
    "REFMAN", "SunOS Reference Manual",
    "SSI", "Sun System Introduction",
    "SSO", "System Services Overview",
    "TEXT", "Editing Text Files",
    "DOCS", "Formatting Documents",
    "TROFF", "Using <B>nroff</B> and <B>troff</B>",
    "INDEX", "Global Index",
    "CPG", "C Programmer's Guide",
    "CREF", "C Reference Manual",
    "ASSY", "Assembly Language Reference",
    "PUL", "Programming Utilities and Libraries",
    "DEBUG", "Debugging Tools",
    "NETP", "Network Programming",
    "DRIVER", "Writing Device Drivers",
    "STREAMS", "STREAMS Programming",
    "SBDK", "SBus Developer's Kit",
    "WDDS", "Writing Device Drivers for the SBus",
    "FPOINT", "Floating-Point Programmer's Guide",
    "SVPG", "SunView 1 Programmer's Guide",
    "SVSPG", "SunView 1 System Programmer's Guide",
    "PIXRCT", "Pixrect Reference Manual",
    "CGI", "SunCGI Reference Manual",
    "CORE", "SunCore Reference Manual",
    "4ASSY", "Sun-4 Assembly Language Reference",
    "SARCH", "<FONT SIZE=\"-1\">SPARC</FONT> Architecture Manual",
    "KR", "The C Programming Language",
    0, 0 };

char *lookup_abbrev (char *s)
    int i=0;

    if (!s)
       return "";
    while (abbrev_list[i] && strcmp(s, abbrev_list[i]))
       i = i+2;
    return abbrev_list[i] ? abbrev_list[i+1] : s;

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